Treating Cancer at Home?

Cancer treatment at home? It sounds far fetched, but it makes sense that where ever there is a conflict in Nature there is a solution. I haven’t researched Cancer much, but with the warnings from Arnie Gundersen about Fukushima and Hot Particles, it seems like this is an essential knowledge for the present and future. From everything I have heard about the “conventional treatments” such as Chemotherapy and Surgery, they aren’t effective and in many cases can be worse than the cancer itself. I came across a claimed “Miracle food” that melts cancer by creating a bond between our cells and Oxygen, which kills cancer… Does it work? I couldn’t tell you, though it makes sense to me, here is a video receipt to make this “Miracle Food”….. For those with laco-intloerant I don’t know what to say, and if your are allergic to nuts I would obviously leave them out.


Check this One TOO – Another Home-made Cancer Cure


2 thoughts on “Treating Cancer at Home?

  1. My husband has prostate cancer. His PSA was 19.7 and he started the Budwig diet. Every two months he had his PSA taken and each time the PSA would drop lower until he reached 7.1 He feels fabulous. They did a biopsy on him and instead of 3 areas of malignancy they only found 1 area. He is still on it and we believe he will drop down to 4 PSA and no areas. I’ll try to remember to come back and let you know. This food combination has worked miracles for him! Our dog had two lumps (which the vet thought were tumors but due to her age we decided not to operate). You could easily feel them on her body. We began giving her the Budwig. She had one lump totally go away and the other is shrinking.

    • Joan great to hear! I don’t know if you saw my other post on PH kills Cancer, you should watch the video and get some PH test-strips and check his urin PH. I think this is another key factor in defeating cancer. Another “soluition” is Mushrooms, I have heard that both “turkey tail” (trametes versicolor) and “hen of the woods” (Maitake) do wonders to eradicate cancer. I believe using any of these solutions in combination is safe, they are all simply food, but I am not a doctor, and you should do your own research. You can get extracts of both of these mushrooms at a health store or online.

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