The Dark Side of ‘Smart’ Meters

In this presentation Rob States an engineer, explains how “smart meters” work and why they endanger our health and privacy. Rob has extensive experience in microwave technology and power production. Watch it!



2 thoughts on “The Dark Side of ‘Smart’ Meters

    • Nick

      Sorry you feel that way. You are pro-smart meters? For me it simply a question of safety. From everything I have read in places where this roll-out has already happened, there are many issues raised by the residents. I believe the populace should not be the “testing grounds” for new technology. A moratorium and an informed citizenry would ensure that it is safe, and is a desired “upgrade”. We have neither, people don’t know what a smart meter is or how they operate and this new industry has no new regulations. There are various studies that even show SM when grouped can exceed FCC regulations. People should have a choice, and shouldn’t have to pay to keep their analogue meters.

      peace to you, VT4Evolution

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