DC Rally to Save Our Schools from Corporations


By Anne Slater                                        July 12, 2011

Radical Women

… Save Our Schools March and National Call to Action (SOS)  www.SaveOurSchoolsMarch.org, July 28-31 in Washington, D.C. We are writing to encourage you to get involved in this nationwide effort of teachers, parents, students and working people to fight for accessible quality public education.

It has become the rage among politicians on both sides of the aisle to blame the problems of education on teachers, and their unions. They are simply scapegoating the workers — mostly women and people of color — for social problems.

Poverty is on the rise, more students are hungry and need social services that local government are slashing. Schools are overcrowded, underfunded and sometimes mismanaged. Politicians claim the solution is a corporate takeover of public schools, falsely advertising charter schools as an answer. Teaching materials are developed at the behest of corporate entities, like the recent fourth grade energy curriculum paid for by the American Coal Foundation. Meanwhile, more and more time is allocated to “teach to the test,” while art, music and PE are quickly becoming a distant memory.

It’s time to say no more! We do not want our teachers to be mindless automatons. We do not want our children treated as commodities to be rolled out on the factory floor…

Full article with links to take action – http://coto2.wordpress.com/2011/07/12/dc-rally-to-save-our-schools-from-corporations/

I also posted this article in the comments of VT Diggers article – Business leaders study new evidence for early childhood investments


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