Letter Addressing Vermont Yankee’s Thermal Discharge Permit

image from www.ctriver.orgI have been following issues about Vermont Yankee since April 2010 on this Blog. Since I found out that VY Thermal Discharge Permit expired in 2006 this has been a main point of interest to me. After getting NO response from ANR who issues the permit, and none from CRWC who petitioned ANR to review VY Permit, I read Vermont Yankee Lawsuit: VT Law School Faculty Offer Insight Into Critical Case for U.S. Nuclear Power and decided to write the John Cramer, Associate Director of Media Relations who was posted at the bottom of the article. I wrote him on June 23rd I still have not received a response. Here is my letter:


Concerning Vermont Yankee’s Thermal DIscharge Permit. I e-mailed ANR and CRWC and also called leaving a message to contact me back about 2 months ago, no response. It seems this “zombie Permit” is a ‘side issue’ of VY operational re-licensing… WHY? USC 33  CH. 26 – SUBCH. IV § 1341 is Federal Law and is a required Permit for any facility discharging into navigable water ways, The NRC violated their own re-licensing procedure, by not requiring VY to have this permit in-hand prior to approval for a new operational license. I read that the ANR is “working” on a new permit for VY?

I believe there is no question The State of Vermont has legal and lawful authority to refuse Entergy’s Certificate of Public Good pursuance of USC 33 CH. 26 – SUBCH. IV § 1341 on the premise that Entergy violating Vermont’s Water Quality Standards mixing zone provision and the state’s anti-degradation policy as well as the Ground Water Protection Act of 2008.

I would really appreciate any up-date on what you know about the present state of VY’s Thermal Discharge Permit, it has been over 4 months since the petition was filed and everyone is quiet on this key issue. 

Sincerely, Simha Bode


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