Vermont Investigate the Abuse of “Developmentally Disabled Offenders”

Bill Bennet a Human with Rights

If you have been following VT4Evolution, you know we have been looking at Vermont’s “corrections” system, one sector being the individuals who have been ruled “incompetent to stand trial” by the state. They are VT’s “Developmentally Disabled Offender Population” Previous article on this issue: 

VT Department of Disabilities ignoring Abuse of “DD Offender Population” and Justice Sleeps – Abuse of the Developmentally Disabled and Letter from Former Employee of Northeast Kingdom Human Services and  Vermont Abusing the “Developmentally Disabled”?

VT4Evolution has helped create a petition in collaboration with Tracy Gilman. To sign the petition follow the link at the bottom of the petition text. Thank you for your support – VT4Evolution

Petition: Investigate the Abuse of DD offenders

Target: State of Vermont

Sponsored by:  Tracy Gilman and William Bode

We the undersigned hereby affirm the evidence showing abuse within Vermont’s Corrections programs for the Developmentally Disabled is sufficient reason for a full investigation of these programs.

The offender population of DD Individuals are highly marginalized, they are kept on a 24 hour watch, with little to no outside contact with society. Vermont’s System of Care states, “When people with disabilities are segregated from community life, all Vermonters are diminished. Effective services and supports foster full community participation and personal relationships with other members of the community.” This is an important aspect of rehabilitation, reducing recidivism for these sensitive individuals. This method of “corrections” for DD individuals increases the chances of abuse by denying these individuals contact with the outside world.

The petitioners are requesting the State of Vermont to conduct a full investigation of all the organizations that are responsible for DD individuals. The investigation should include but is not limited to:

– Review of all documents provided by the Petitioners.

– Review of Vermont’s DD Offenders Rehabilitation Training Programs: investigate current and past care-givers comparing the training they received and their performance of the criteria outlined in Vermont’s System of Care and their individualized Care Plans.

– Review Vermont’s Victim Services, whose interaction with DD offenders in these programs must be proactive to be effective.

– Review of legal representation in past court cases of DD individuals.

– Review current rate of DD Sex Offender rate of recidivism.

– Interview current and past participants from these programs.

– Economic audit of the programs.

– A published report of the state’s findings including a timeline of actions to be taken to remedy the causes of infractions

To sign the petition and help us spread the word follow this link –—investigate-the-abuse-of-quotdevelopmentally-disabled-offendersquot/

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