Coordinator of BED’s Smart Grid Project: No energy or money savings for ratepayers

by Angela Chagnon            JUNE 24, 2011

Ken Nolan, the Coordinator of Burlington Electric’s portion of the Smart Grid Project, admitted Thursday that ratepayers will not see energy savings or lower rates under the new grid/meter system.

“We have been very careful not to tell customers that they’re going to save energy from this technology,” said Nolan, who is also BED’s Manager of Power Resources.

The press conference, held on June 23rd at BED’s location on Pine Street, was an attempt to address concerns about the Smart Grid/Smart Meter (SG/SM) project that Burlington residents voiced to BED during last week’s “open house” event (see previous story here.) Voters will decide whether to approve a bond to pay for the new system on June 28th.

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VT4Evolution comment – One of the many dubious claims in this video is: The Department of Energy will pay for Half of the Smart Grid Upgrade.

(US) Title XIII of EISA –


(a) MATCHING FUND.—The Secretary shall establish a Smart Grid Investment Matching Grant Program to provide reimbursement of one-fifth (20 percent) of qualifying Smart Grid investments.

Smart Grid is a Money Saver?

Sample letter to tell the VT Public Service Board You don’t want Smart Meters – you can also access the letter from our “Human Rights and More” page.


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