From the Peace and Justice News –

Burlington Electric Department is seeking to install Smart Grid technology in Burlington and that there will be a vote on this issue on June 28th.  While some raise concerns about this technology, other sources including the Environmental Defense Fund laud the positive effects of Smart Grid technology with regard to climate change.  We urge all readers to see the best information available and participate in the vote on June 28th.  Two sources for information on Smart Grid in addition to the link we included Tuesday can be found here at Burlington Electric, and here at the Environmental Defense Fund.
Peace & Justice Center Board & Staff
Amazing P&J seems to be compliant with the push to make the public except the Smart Grid and Smart Meters… Do they know who Sandia (VT’s Smart Meter Company) is?

Sandia = Lockheed Martin, One of the Biggest War profiteers on the planet!

Why don’t they even raise the W.H.O.’s new findings saying RF (wireless) tech is to be reviewed because it has potential to cause cancer? Smart Meters send out spikes exposing people in some cases to Radio and Micro waves frequencies far higher than cell phones and have been measured to even exceed FCC regulations (which were not created for this technology). NEW TECHNOLOGY needs to have a Moratorium which includes a PUBLIC review of data. The amount of people who have Smart Meters installed an immediately get headaches, heart palpitations, nausea etc. is enough to questions its safety. “If you can’t see it… it must be SAFE.” is the motto of these industries. It is mainly children, elderly and pregnant  women  and sensitive individuals who experience the effects more strongly. Look at my other postings, just search smart grid in the search on the top right of our homepage. MAY PEACE AND JUSTICE PREVAIL WITH WISDOM! NOT SMARTS!

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