SMARTIN’ UP – VERMONT to be Powered by War Profiteers

Sandia Laboratories  is managed by Sandia Corp. who is owned by LOCKHEED MARTIN. VERMONT is to have an energy grid installed by war profiteers! 

Vermont-Sandia Partnership

Vermont’s efforts have been further strengthened by grants from the U.S. Department of Energy to support a utilities-led smart-grid effort called eEnergy Vermont and also a partnership with Sandia National Laboratories to help create the Nation’s first statewide 21st-century energy infrastructure.”

Specifically, the Sandia-Vermont partnership was created to: enhance multidisciplinary education and workforce development appropriate for a smart electricity infrastructure sector; promote research collaborations with the University of Vermont to further smart grid deployment; (link)

Smart grid: A more intelligent approach to energy usage

In October 2009, Vermont Transco, LLC, received almost $69 million in federal support to launch Vermont’s Smart Grid technology. This support was part of $3.4 billion in smart grid grants across the nation that were part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. (link)

Central Maine Power (CMP) received $96 million ARRA stimulus grant to support its smart grid project (link) they had public opposition…Elizabeth Miller, commissioner of Vermont’s Department of Public Service, said “In California and Maine there has been some resistance. We want to avoid that resistance here.”  (link)

the US Tax Payers have invested 3.4 Billion into the Smart Grid. When I ask people around Vermont if they know what a wireless Smart Meter is, most haven’t heard of it. Now the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has declared wireless tech. possibly cancer causing, what is going to happen? My guess; there will be a big push to get this installed in your home, dissenting voices will be ridiculed and protesters arrested. Though, it seems Vermonters will receive it with open arms, all in the name of Global Climate Change.

Excerpt from: Vermont Climate Change Oversight Committee – Final Report 

Page 10 states, “A state with a well-developed Smart Grid infrastructure will enable utilities to reduce costs of reading meters, thus lowering the costs of supplying energy to homes and businesses. Informed by Smart Grid technology, ratepayers can adjust their behavior as well.”

Page 15 states, “Climate initiatives have been and should remain among these areas of innovation and progress. This is particularly true when one considers the amazing congruence of climate challenges with the issues of energy independence, and our ability to create jobs and put Vermonters back to work.”

Not only will the Smart Grid create jobs through automization of existing Human employment…… it will also allow us to see when our next door neighbor is doing laundry (peak usage times) and adjust our behavior accordingly…..
Look at the language on Page 12 “Be Persuasive” in supporting the Smart Grid. They are being open about pushing this new technology on the populace… For: SAVINGS! SAVING! SAVINGS! $$$
Then it goes on to say, Smart Grid can only reach its full potential if residents modify their energy usage and except the Smart Grid policies and regulatory constructs as being necessary…. do you mind telling us what they are???
Page 12 –  A. Be persuasive in supporting Smart Grid initiatives and policies

The need to support the building and maintenance of Smart Grid infrastructure in Vermont has been articulated in Section 4A and Section 6A. The Smart Grid cannot be a key player in affecting climate change if it is seen merely as an innovative technology. It can help the state achieve its climate change goals only if: (1) ratepayers fully understand why it’s important that they modify their energy consumption behavior; and (2) they accept the new Smart Grid policies and regulatory constructs as prudent, useful, and necessary. Smart Grid is an amorphous term in public dialogue today. It needs to turn into a term that has household meaning. Expecting the public to modify personal behavior, based on the promise of a technology called the Smart Grid,is asking a lot.

Read the full report – VT Climate_Change_Oversight_Committee_Final.Report

Transmitting Smart Meters Pose A Serious Threat To Public Health

Transmitting smart meters are being installed nationwide on gas, water, and electrical services, driven in part by funding for the Smart Grid Program approved as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

This is of great concern because the exposure to microwave and radiowave radiation from these meters is involuntary and continuous. The transmitting meters may not even comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “safety” standards (see….

The objectives of the Smart Grid Program can be accomplished without transmitting meters and without using other technology such as high frequency communication over power lines, which are also harmful to human health. It simply requires that meters be selected that are properly engineered to meet the needs of the program without using dangerous technology. Multi-rate billing and other sophisticated metering options do not require that the meter transmit. Models are available that download periodically on phone lines, dedicated communication lines, or are read by a reader the meter reader carries. Dedicated communication cables can be used to shut off or allow on certain power consuming electronics such as air conditioners. It is essential that only meters that do not transmit or put high frequency signals on building wiring are approved for the Smart Grid Program.

The un-safeness of the “safety” standards for the continuously transmitting smart meters is apparent from the reports of health problems ranging from headaches to poor sleep to heart palpitations that begin after their installation.

Link of full article, complete with reference material and actions to take –


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