Shumlin’s decision to veto water safety bill perplexes proponents

by Taylor Dobbs | May 30, 2011 – VT Digger

…Kim Greenwood, staff scientist at the Vermont Natural Resources Council, who worked with the Agency of Natural Resources on the bill, said there was very little opposition.

“I was very surprised (it was vetoed) because there wasn’t a lot of controversy around this,” she said. Greenwood said that there were questions raised about which tests should be done and some concerns about the bill’s implementation, but not the legislation itself. “I’m not aware that there was a lot of – or any – opposition to the bill,” Greenwood said.

“It is striking,” Greenwood said in a statement released by the council, “that on the same day the governor signs a landmark health care bill, he vetoes a measure designed to protect public health by requiring the testing of new drinking water wells for arsenic, lead and uranium, among other things.”

Deb Markowitz, secretary of the Agency of Natural Resources, said while her office had been communicating with the governor’s office about S.77, there had been “no prior conversations with the governor about this specific bill.”…

full article –’s-decision-to-veto-water-safety-bill-perplexes-proponents/


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