ACTION PAGE – Interstate Shipment of Raw Milk HR 1830

Quick Action HR 1830 –

Send a Fax to Your Legislators – Ask Them to Co-Sponsor & Pass HR 1830

112th U.S. Congress – House Bill HR 1830

Congressman Ron Paul has once again introduced a bill that would allow the interstate shipment of raw milk and raw milk products for human consumption, HR 1830.* We believe that there is a fundamental right to produce and consume the foods of our choice including raw milk, contrary to FDA’s claim that there is no such right in itsresponse to a lawsuit over this same matter.* We believe the federal ban against transporting raw milk for human consumption across state lines is a violation of our rights, despite FDA’s assertion that any transaction that involves crossing state lines with such milk is illegal.

* We should be free to obtain raw milk from any source, including those outside our own states’ borders, just as folks in Maryland and in D.C. itself sought raw milk from Pennsylvania dairy Rainbow Acres.

* We demand the termination of an unjust law that interferes with the exercise of our legal right to consume raw milk.

* We support passage of HR 1830 into law – a bill that would effectively end the interstate ban and bring about the realization of benefits as delineated in the Talking Points for the same bill (HR 778) introduced in the 111th Congress.

While the consumption of raw milk is legal in all fifty states, the sale of raw milk is illegal in about half the states. Passage of HR 1830 into law would enable everyone to exercise their right to consume raw milk, whether they live in a state where the sale of raw milk is illegal or in a state where the sale is legal but sources are limited.

No doubt, the demand for unpasteurized milk has expanded beyond the estimated nine million raw milk consumers revealed by the 2008 CDC survey. Growing numbers of consumers are crossing state lines to obtain raw milk and raw milk products. It is time to recognize that the federal ban is an unjust, unworkable law.

Ask Legislators to uphold freedom of food choice through the petition in support of HR 1830.

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One thought on “ACTION PAGE – Interstate Shipment of Raw Milk HR 1830

  1. The FDA does have a point. Their jurisdiction is interstate commerce, which means big corporate food producers. They should not such companies like Dean Foods sell raw milk to the public.

    What the FDA meant, is that the right for a person to obtain any food of their choice through interstate commerce is not absolute. However, there must be a real compelling reason to restrict a food from interstate commerce.

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