Fear or Love?


We can live our lives based on fear, or we can base our Life on Love. Fear is the belief in the absence of Love, Love is the very essence of Life and is ever-present and unhindered by all beliefs. Beliefs are like the blinders a horse wares, it limits the view and directs the attention, making Love the unviewable periphery. Though it is unviewable Love and all its functions are in full operation.

As we see the erosion of Human Rights and our understanding of them waining, we also must recognize that this is a part of Divine Will or Natural Law. In order to see the light sometimes we must go to the greatest depths of darkness. All that is playing out within our societal and economic worlds are a reflection of our own inner fighting with nature and our own self-worth.

Once we recognize the divinity in humanity and equality is the vision of our sight, natural balance and Original Autonomy are present and operating, this is Nature or Heart culture. Our use of natural resources will reflects a deep understanding of their finite and thus invaluable nature. In this recognition comes true generosity, a desire to share all that one has especially with others that have not. This is the original Dharma or “Right Action”, Earth Ethic.

How can we expect such a change from a profiteering and manipulation based society? First we must attain this vision of “the equality of others” for ourself. As individuals in competition with one another we automatically except a survivalists-complex, Separation. From this idea of separation we assume that harm or loss to the “other” won’t impact oneself. This Law we may not experience in the immediate because energy is subtle, it cycles through life in unexpected and many times undetected ways.

As the East becomes more developed and increasingly attracted to a material-life the Natural balance declines. As the West becomes increasingly unsatisfied with this material-life our natural balance (inner and outer) is slowly coming back into balance. The key for our progress now is to seek the root of sustainable life through our direct relation with nature including all of the human family. Creating harmony within our relations requires humility and the ability to step outside of your personal opinions. By doing this not only do we allow others to be who they are without restriction we expand our own idea of our “personality”, who we are. This limited self-identity that is what holds us back, is always trying to get more than it needs and always at the expense of others. This Ego of our current society is trying to rob us of our individual identity and stack us into boxes labeled by numbers and words. You are more important than that!

In the face of it all we must respond with our attention fixed on Love and Love’s fully operational laws. How to respond with Love to some abstract system? In our day to day living, we can exercise the vision of non-doership, once we understand it is all apart of the Divine Will we need not be emotionally affect, it is like being an actor in a play. By not assigning blame to any individual as the “doer” we allow the space for change. Once we assign doer-ship and blame to an individual we are confining a reality which is way larger and more complex than we can possibly perceive.

This does not mean we need be idle and say it is all Divine Will! We still must stand on our feet and actively envision and proclaim Loves operation, especially in the place where fear or the absence of Love is claiming attention. In Solidarity and Love, Simha


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