War Tax + Green Spending = Social Engineering

Smart Meter Diagram from http://wsrl.org

Vermont, ahead of its time! Green! Renewable Energy! Sustainable Development! A Carbon Neutral Goal!…… Whose going to make it all possible? The War Industry? YEP! See  A Smart World Agenda

Related article from Gaelan Brown  – Vemont’s War-Tax-Included Cost of Fossil Fuels

Lockheed Martin’s Microgrid Development Center Enhanced With Five Times Greater Capability

An intelligent microgrid is an integrated energy system managing interconnected loads and distributed energy resources, including renewables such as solar and wind power that operate with the power grid or in an independent mode.  The MDC ensures Lockheed Martin provides the most effective solution for customers so they have a reliable source of energy powering their most critical operations….

The MDC pairs innovative systems-engineering processes with software and hardware-in-the-loop testing to evaluate a wide variety of intelligent microgrid solutions.  The lab simulates possible energy generation and consumption scenarios, including load fluctuations and unexpected events that could affect the stream of energy.  The new energy resources, storage units and advanced control room increase the amount of energy introduced in testing and the ability to manipulate it five-fold.

Lockheed Martin’s enhanced MDC control-room consoles take advantage of the safety critical instrumentation and control technology developed for nuclear control rooms by Lockheed Martin Nuclear Systems and Solutions.  The control room provides design engineers and operators the ability to rapidly develop and test microgrid technologies using real and simulated equipment.

full article – http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lockheed-martins-microgrid-development-center-enhanced-with-five-times-greater-capability-122501578.html


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