UPDATE: Rural Vermont

From Rural Vermont: Greetings!  We are excited to announce that Governor Shumlin signed S.105, the Dairy Class Bill, and that it is officially the law of the land!  As you can see below, we are re-initiating our educational dairy classes with a celebration class and ice cream social.  Please consider attending, as it is sure to be an exciting and informative event.  

In addition, we would like thank all those who called Congressman Welch last week about the Industrial Hemp Bill.  If you have not yet called, please contact Congressman Welch and ask him to co-sponsor the Industrial Hemp Bill, HR 1831, today!  In 2008, the Vermont Legislature overwhelmingly passed an Industrial Hemp Bill, however federal inaction is preventing Vermont farmers from cultivating this valuable crop.  With Welch’s position on the House Agricultural Committee, this issue could move forward with his support.  Please call today at (202) 225-4115.  Once you have called Congressman Welch, please contact Senator Leahy as well and ask him to use his position as the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee to hold hemp hearings in the Senate.  Senator Leahy can be reached at (202) 224-4242.  

Wednesday, June 8th at Jersey Girls Dairy, CHESTER

1 – 4 pm: Ice Cream & Ricotta Cheese with Lisa Kaiman; advance registration necessary; $20-$40 sliding scale

Don’t miss the very first class of the summer schedule, where Lisa Kaiman will lead a small group of raw milk enthusiasts through making raw milk ice cream using the rich and lovely cream that her Jersey cows produce, followed by a lesson using the skim milk byproduct to make luscious and versatile ricotta cheese. We’ll be churning out a big batch of ice cream to be served up at our victory celebration that very night (don’t worry; there will be plenty for sampling at the class too)! Class fee is $20-$40 sliding scale and advance registration is required. To sign up, call Shelby at (802) 223-7222 or emailshelby@ruralvermont.org. This will fill up fast — call today!

For more info and complete calendar of events visit – www.ruralvermont.org


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