Justice Sleeps – Abuse of the Developmentally Disabled

The Northeast Kingdom Human Services and the Safe Choice Program are another one of the dismal tentacles of the Industrial Prison Complex. These are state funded programs that are tasked with “rehabilitating” mentally impaired/developmentally disabled (DD) individuals who for different reasons have ended-up in these “halfway house” facilities.

As I have shown before in my other assessments of the Industrial Prison Complex this is about money. The agency gets upwards to $100,000 per individual annually. For this price this should be a progressive program with experts on developmental disability, learning impairments, social anxieties, etc. implementing the top research based treatments, this is called Restorative Justice.

see – Vermont Abusing the “Developmentally Disabled”?

 According to the report “When Justice Sleeps: Violence and Abuse Against the Developmentally Disabled“: 90% of DD individuals who have been a victim of abuse know there assailants personally i.e. family, friends, facilitators, tutor etc. The Rohner Institute’s research found that 39-68% of girls and 16-30% of boys, with DD will be sexually abused before age 18. Two studies have found that 50% of women with DD who had been sexually assaulted, had been assaulted 10+ times. Most of the time abuse in these cases goes unreported, because of their DD condition, this is the reason these individuals are “easy targets”.

These FRAGILE individuals need special care, that is why the public are willing to pay more taxes to provide such services. Not only do we NOT have the special care (we pay for) in this arm of Human Services, but we have ABUSE! The already traumatized, confused and outcast individuals of Our Society are being traumatized and confused more by the very services that are supposed to help them function in society.

The problem with the structuring of such services is; rehabilitation is the very thing that destroys their funding. Without crime, Private Prisons are obsolete, as with this branch of Human Services, rehabilitation is bad for business. People think things like this would never happen, especially in Vermont. It is hard to believe how low our moral and ethical standards are in the year of 2011. $$$

Spread the word and give a voice to the “voiceless” let your Governor know you want an independent review of these programs. Sign our petition – http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/vermont—investigate-the-abuse-of-quotdevelopmentally-disabled-offendersquot/


3 thoughts on “Justice Sleeps – Abuse of the Developmentally Disabled

  1. My daughter, aged 47, lives in a group home with 2 other DD women and 3 DD men. Two of these men are 60’ish in age and suffer from alzeimers. One [M3] them is becoming verbally aggressive and I have seen him raise his hand to “slash” in anger, this at a family social gathering over the holiday season.

    The other gentleman [M2] is frail, as is my daughter[F1] and both of them seem to be targets for this aggresive behaviour. Staff tell me they are no longer allowed to physically remove [M3] from the group, and can only talk him through the anger. I fear that he [M3] will actually harm someone. What are the options in such a situation?

    • Greetings Deborah, I am sorry to hear of your daughters situation. I am not in this field and have only studied enough to know of all the problems within these systems. I would suggest networking with people who are working to better the lives of persons with developmental disabilities. I believe you are in Canada?… I did find this article by Jewelles Smith http://www.revelstoketimesreview.com/opinion/134791043.html Her Home page is – http://www.jewelles-smith.ca/ it looks like she could help you find out your options. We wish peace for you and your daughter, may your problems be solved so you can live the life you both both deserve! In Peace – VT4Evolution

  2. Doing research about “sex offenders” with intellectual disabilities has affirmed for me what most of us know based on common sense. And that is, if you expose people to healthy, respectful relationships where people relate on many levels with many people you can open the mind to new possibilities. Isolation and total focus on one troubling aspect of a persons personality while offering no skills to overcome or understand it is in my opinion, abusive.

    Lipton (1986) identified recurrent problems that can lead to the failure of any rehabilitation effort. They include
    1) hostility to change,
    2) a coercive correctional system,
    3) lack of any theoretical base for the treatment program, 4) failure to implement the program fully, and
    5) inability to relate to the world beyond the institution
    They are often inappropriate for the offender, rigid, imposed from the top down, and use only negative reinforcers.

    People in “Safe Choices” as well as many other programs, I’m sure, are put a person under 24/7 supervision, isolated from anyone who does not see them as a sex offender first and foremost. Then they stare at them all day, timing the seconds they look at any individual, train them to see every situation as a possible “Risk” to re offend and call them liars if they say they’re not thinking any thing. Oh how many times I have asked a man what he’s thinking to have him respond “nothing”.

    I’ve read that close to 90% of disabled men who offend have been victims of childhood sexual abuse. This is much higher than in non-disabled men who offend.

    In my son’s case he was forced to accept abuse that was clearly perpetrated against him as offences he had committed.

    Gendreau (1986), describes what makes a rehabilitation program work: Effective programs tend to follow a social learning, they are more flexible, adopt a problem solving approach, with positive modeling, and make extensive use of community resources. They build on the quality of interpersonal relationships, and they try to mediate between the needs of the client and what exists in the real world (p.14).

    Treated “sex offenders” re-offfend at a much lower rate than almost any other crime, except murder. For which you don’t have to be on a registry.

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