♬ ★ Running Clear ★ ♬ An album of original music by Nate Gusakov

This project needs your support pledge $5 dollars or more and make it happen! There is only seven days left, Nate is close to reaching his funding goal! Watch the video linked below.


Recording for this project started last May, on my 30th birthday. My father David, Polly Vanderputten and I gathered with Michael Chorney in his cozy studio in the Green mountains, and recorded my first classical composition for banjo, violin, and cello. Since then I’ve had the great pleasure of working with 15 different musicians in various formations, playing a mix of styles that I don’t quite know how to classify–all songs contain banjo, and I wrote them all–that’s about the only common thread. There’s fine pedal steel, powerful a cappella, raging electric guitar, hoppin’ old time…

All the mixing is done, and I’m really excited about the music that’s coming to life! I’ve funded everything myself so far, but now I need some help to have the songs mastered, and then to print and press copies. I’ve uploaded all the unmastered versions to:


Please do take a listen, and pledge if you can. Every little bit helps, thanks so much!!!!

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