Entergy opposes coalition’s intervention

By JOSH STILTS                     Friday May 13, 2011

BRATTLEBORO — Court documents filed earlier this week by Entergy’s lawyers state that the New England Coalition has no case to intervene in its suit against the state….

NEC is asking the court to accept it as an intervener in the lawsuit, which would allow it to present witnesses and evidence in support of the state’s contention that it didn’t overstep its bounds when the Senate voted 26 to 4 in February 2010, to prohibit the PSB from issuing a certificate of public good…

Raymond Shadis, NEC’s technical consultant, said that this lawsuit is not at all about the plant’s safe operation.

“They misquoted us and stacked their paperwork with selected quotations,” Shadis said of Entergy’s filing. “It’s a long shot on their part. None of their arguments hold any water.”…

NEC has intervened in hearings related to the nuclear plant’s extended power uprate, problems with its cooling towers, a parking lot expansion, dry cask storage of nuclear waste, steam dryer testing, the certificate of public good review and a leak of tritiated water, Shadis said.

The organization also has members in the emergency preparedness zone in New Hampshire and Massachusetts who won’t be represented by the Vermont Attorney General when hearings begin in federal court in Brattleboro on June 23, he said.

full article – http://www.reformer.com/ci_18054653?source=most_viewed


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