Original Autonomy

Empty your cup!

Over time, through my interest in Sustainability, I have been exposed to models and philosophies claiming they know what it means and how to achieve it. Most of the true models of sustainability have been systematically wiped-out; the Nomad, Gipsy, Native, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Tribal people.

These societies demonstrated what I call “Original Autonomy”. The few experienced individuals left from these societies are not treated as experts and a resource for information, because “we” have a higher standard of living we want to maintain…. sustainably

Sustainability = the capability to maintain a minimum level of operation without decline.

Autonomy = self-law, self-governance.

Self with a capital “S” is representing the All-inclusive-Self, i.e. Everything. Thus “Self-law” could be one illustration of original autonomy. If you are to look at these original autonomous societies, they understand; Everything is inter-related and Everything is inter-dependent. This is a whole-istic understanding of “Self-law” or Natural-Law. For the most part, this All-inclusive principal of the “Self” has been lost in our current society.

You will never hear one of these people say they are “self-sufficient” or “sustainable” or “independent”. They share what they have and have deep reverence for Nature, her elements and cycles. Culture is the engine of these original autonomous societies, which is the day to day living and sharing of laughter, sorrow, toil and fulfillment, getting along, telling stories and creating. Most of the modern models of sustainability have left out the regionally self-created human Culture.

Efficiency and Sustainability are synonymous or at least correlating principals in most of our present models and philosophies. Autonomy has been replaced by the Automated, the automated computer is more efficient and thus more sustainable than humans. We are being led into a culture so far removed from the very root of Life. Without this root, which is reverence for Mother Earth, her elements and cycles, there is NO true sustainability.

Should we even be considering “Sustainability”? The Political and Social worlds have melted into countless opinions of pundits, experts, corporations and non-profits that all tell us, “We need to be sustainable!” Global climate change, carbon emissions and inefficiency, are the enemies and must be defeated.

When dealing with any issue, we must understand there are unknown dynamics that are a part of this issue. If we choose to resolve an issue by reacting to it with fear, our “blind-spot”, these hidden dynamics, are going to be tangling the “knot” into a tighter more complex issue.

If we don’t resolve issues by reacting with “concern”, trying to reverse the detrimental effects of an issue, how else can it be resolved?

Humility is the first step, which is simply recognition of the unknown dynamics an issue inevitably has. No matter how many millions of dollars are spent on research and no matter the level of expertise of the participants, there will always be unknown dynamics that the human senses and intellect can not perceive.

With humility comes intuition, intuition is a level of consciousness removed from our “thought-emotion complex”, thus our personal-conditioning does not enter into the equation. Intuition is activated when we see “the other”  as being equal to our own-self, observation and non-judgement are given priority over our thought-emotion complex.

Intuition = Intus, is latin for “within, inwardly” and Tuito in Latin means, “preservation, guardianship”, combining to mean Inward-Preservation or Guardian-Within.

Intuition is “meta-physics” and suggests; the esoteric, the unscientific and thus is irrelevant to sustainability. Yet, we have all experience intuition subtly or profoundly through “its” keen sense of awareness beyond our common consciousness, this is what catches our attention and awe. This was a normal every day “sense” used by societies of original autonomy.  This is the most precious of human “senses” it originates from “the Heart” which is All-inclusive, not biological.

Humility is when we “empty our cup”, our ideas of how things “should be”, so our cup can be filled by the All-inclusive Heart, the Guardian-Within, Nature. This is how we hone intuition through; humility, listening and observing. Humility becomes intuition leading to Heart Culture, from Heart Culture naturally originates Original Autonomy.

You will see that this personal practice of Awareness or Humility doesn’t only bring physical sustenance, it brings emotional, phycological balance and a general health of mind, body and relations. In surrender to “what is” without the desire of “what should be”, we gain intuition and guidance in the present-moment experience. It comes in such a way that we can understand and apply the guidance in a practical way. Original Autonomy recognizes the individual as an essential  part of the Whole.

The next time you hear the word “sustainable” used, I hope you question what is trying to be achieved. Why seek sustainability, when you can express and manifest Original Autonomy.

Related News – Ambassador Pablo Solón, Representative of the  State of Bolivia gave this (linked) speech in New York on April 20th, 2011 to the UN General Assembly: Harmony with Nature – http://boliviaun.net/cms/?p=2014

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