Envisioning “Smart Growth”

Santa Cruz, CA -- County Supervisor, Ellen Pirie released this sketch depicting the Aptos Village Plan. One can see very dense multi-story housing mixed with commercial development right at the edge of the railroad tracks.

The visioning process includes: “values” research, how to run “facilitated” workshops and how to use “consensus building” to create scenarios for area “change”. When public officials and NGOs (non-government organizations) use the term “visioning” it really means Agenda 21 principles are being implemented…

America’s new look starts with federal and state funded “visioning councils” who impose their plan utilizing compliant politicians, compliant business people and paid representatives from foundation and tax-funded non-profit organizations. The unsuspecting public becomes the recipient of a vision that implements “Smart Growth.”

Smart Growth restricts housing construction to high-density subsidized (cost-shifted) apartments or condominiums. Cities are “filled in” by building vertically and cramming people together. Occupants living in these new developments are often subject to increasing rules and regulations administered by Associations or Housing Trusts. Cluster developments with purposely limited parking…

“Our visioning sets up a framework project for zoning,” says Gordon Garry, Director of Research and Analysis for the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.

Once the framework for zoning is in place, local governments, non-elected regional councils and public/private partnerships, begin to change residential neighborhoods to “mixed uses,” often utilizing processes that work outside constitutional governmental procedures. By transforming the “look’ of the town, planners and politicians are also engineering social changes that will negatively affect the lives and the lifestyles of existing residents.

If your town is working toward a “vision,” it’s best to understand the Smart Growth plan behind the façade.

full article – http://www.freedomadvocates.org/articles/planning_-_smart_growth/what%27s_behind_%22the_vision%22_in_your_town%3f_20050215125/

Many more articles on “Smart Growth” – http://www.freedomadvocates.org/articles/planning_-_smart_growth/


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