“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Caterpillar Chrysalis

Transforming any type of structure requires energy, whether it is composting, demolition, or re-structuring a business, this energy is the driving force of change. The more subtle the structure the more elusive is the energy’s source and its correct implementation to achieve the desired change. The first step to achieve a holistic change of any structure is doing an analysis and assessment (A&A) of the structure.

A brief glimpse of an A&A: Analysis is essentially, “getting the lay of the land”. Through analysis you can get a picture of the structure’s dynamics, how it “ebbs and flows”. This is a mapping process that is more or less objective. Once you have the lay of the land and identify all its characteristics, you assess.

Assessment is using a more subject perspective. In the assessment you are being more proactive, looking at the characteristics their patterns and their relations within the context of your set goals. Here you begin to see which characteristics of the structure interact with the different components of your set goals, and how. By using a “triage” system, identifying what actions take priority to achieve your goals with the given energy you have, you create a time-line of succession, an action plan.

If we, the body of society, don’t use this proven process of evaluation and implementation to create truly sustainable infrastructure and the world we want, then we are choosing; to be the blind leading the blind at best or allowing the decisions to be made for us, at worst.

Prevention is always more effective than treatment. Addressing the cause and not the symptom, is real progress.

This is what you keep in mind when you are coming-up with solutions on how to “fix”, morph or change the structure into something beneficial.

When speaking of subtle structures, the first law of thermal dynamics applies (energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed). As energy is the very “substance” of a subtle structure, the solution could never be, “eradicate the structure”, as you could in a demolition. Consequently the “problem” must be a parcel of its own “solution”, meaning; it is merely a transformation.

We have a lot of healing, fixing and transforming to do on this planet, within every scale of our existence. This work of CHANGE starts with oneself, by demonstrating betterment, through the breaking of detrimental patterns and characteristics and by adopting beneficial patterns and characteristics. When we make progress in this “inner” work, we open the door for others to do the same and they to others and on and on. This is one positive example of “exponential growth”, a word-grouping that many people have been conditioned to believe is only a negative or evil thing.

Definitions must also be de-constructed so we start to see how much we allow our consciousness to be confined. By broadening our awareness in such ways we allow for more insightfulness, resourcefulness and creativity, which are the driving forces for holistic change.

Life, not death must be The focus for a better future. Peace Must be the word on our tongues, if we plan to create a better world.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma

Photo credit to – http://www.thegreenedition.com


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