Healthcare Is A Human Right!

After 2 years of devoted campaigning by thousands of Vermonters, the Vermont Senate passed H.202, Vermont’s universal healthcare bill. Activists continue to dominate legislative hearings with their message that healthcare is a human right, but business interests—including IBM, the power company Entergy, and health insurer MVP—are pouring resources into weakening the legislation.
At the last minute on Tuesday, Senator Brock (Franklin County) and Senator Sears (Bennington County) offered an amendment to exclude one of Vermont’s most vulnerable populations – undocumented farm workers – from participating in our “universal” system. The Brock-Sears amendment destroys the universality of our healthcare system by attempting to deny individuals their human right to healthcare.
Here is how you can Take Action!
1. Contact Your Legislator
Call the Sgt-at-arms at 802-828-2228 to tell your legislator that Vermont is not Arizona, that healthcare is a human right and farm workers need healthcare, too.
If you aren’t sure of who your Representatives or Senators are, you can go hereClick HEREto email your Senators and Representatives all at once! Make sure to add in your own thoughts/words to the email
2. Help with Open Letter of Organization, Faith and Community LeadersGo here.
3. Come to May 1st Rally: At 11am on Sunday, May 1, 2011 thousands of Vermonters will meet at City Hall at 39 Main Street to march for universal healthcare. Join us!  Check out a video update of the campaign. The PJC will also have a contingent in the rally – click here for the FB event! If you need a ride or have empty seats in your car, meet at the Workers Center at 9:15am to carpool!
MORE INFO: Contact the VWC at 861-4892 or
For more information about the lives of Vermont’s migrant farmworkers, why they come to work in Vermont, and why Vermont’s dairy industry needs them, visit our allies atThe Vermont Migrant Farmworker Solidarity Project.

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