VSNAP sticks to closing of VY

Thursday April 28, 2011

VERNON — About 50 people attended the Vermont State Nuclear Advisory Panel meeting in the Vernon Elementary School gymnasium on Wednesday…

During the meeting, Chris Campany, executive director of the Windham Regional Commission, gave a presentation on the economics between two facility decommissioning processes SAFSTOR and DECON.

The Windham Regional Commission assists towns in southeastern Vermont to provide local government and work cooperatively with them to address regional issues in 27 towns in Windham, Windsor and Bennington counties…

“The station (VY) occupies land along the Connecticut River that is of substantial economic value,” he said. “The long-term beneficial commercial development and use of this land is important to the state and region.”

Any delay in returning that land to productive use following the eventual closure of the plant would have negative effects upon the economy of the state and the region, Campany said.

“The type of decommissioning process used will have significant economic and employment impacts,” he said. “The WRC advocates for what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission refers to as DECON. Under DECON, or immediate dismantlement, soon after the nuclear facility closes, equipment, structures and portions of the facility containing radioactive contaminants are removed or decontaminated to a level that permits release of the property and termination of the NRC license.”

“We are concerned that SAFSTOR will be the decommissioning process of choice by Entergy in order to build the decommissioning fund,” he said. “It must be ensured that the decommissioning fund and other guarantees are adequate to accomplish the prompt and complete decommissioning of the plant upon shutdown. The WRC contends that the existing fund and its projected growth does not satisfy that need, even given the decommissioning plan as submitted in Public Service Board Docket 7440. Consideration should be given to requiring a more complete analysis of decommissioning costs and related funding.”…

Kathleen Krevetski, a registered nurse from Rutland, said that the way cancer incident rates are wrong.

“Lumping men and women together over 10 years tells us nothing,” Krevetski said. “Public health monitoring using these methods is a disgrace and should not be considered acceptable to this board. With this type of reporting, the public has been lulled into a false sense of security as we have been lead to believe that the radiation spewing out of Vermont Yankee into the air, into the earth and into the water is not harmful to our health, to our children and to future generations of Vermonters.”

full article – http://www.reformer.com/localnews/ci_17945377

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