Vermont Yankee plant’s owner must honor its own promises

The Boston Globe

A DEAL is a deal — except, apparently, when Entergy is involved. The company, a major energy supplier in New England, provoked justified outrage in Vermont last week when it announced it was reneging on a longstanding commitment to abide by the state’s stringent nuclear regulations.

Instead, the company has done precisely what it had long promised it would not: challenge the constitutionality of Vermont’s rules in federal court, as part of a last-ditch effort to keep its Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant running…

the Supreme Court has ruled that states do have some regulatory authority over nuclear power, but legal scholars say the Vermont case will offer a precedent-setting test of how far those powers extend…

The company seems to have concluded that its reputation in Vermont is already so battered that it has nothing left to lose by going to war with the state. But there should be consequences. Permission to run a nuclear plant is a public trust….

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