Genetically Modified Maize Trial in Mexico Prompts Debate

By Paulina Perlin

In a controversial move, the Mexican government has authorized transnational corporation Monsanto to conduct a field trial of genetically modified (GM) maize that could potentially lead to the crop’s commercialization.

Though Mexico has approved 67 permits for GM maize to be experimentally grown since lifting its ban on transgenic crops in 2005, this is the first venture that could lead to successful commercialization of the crop…

The Mexican Agricultural Ministry claims that the GM crop’s pollen will be controlled, noting that the project will occur “under the strictest biosecurity measures to guarantee the prevention of involuntary dispersion of the GM maize’s pollen.”

Yet other experts maintain that the move could potentially contaminate the thousands of maize varieties indigenous to Mexico.

“’This opens up the door to contamination of native species in the most important centre of origin [of maize] in the entire world,” said Elena Álvarez-Buylla, head of the Union of Scientists Committed to Society (UCCS).
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