FR of Berne demands deactivation of the nuclear power plant Mühleberg

By Matthias Chapman.

(rough translation from German)

BERN – “In the aftermath of the heavy atomic incidents in Japan the FR of the canton Berne demands the rapid deactivation of the ailing nuclear power plant at Mühleberg in Switzerland. Forces of nature and threat of terrorism make nuclear power plants a high risk technology”, writes the FR of the canton Berne

FR party president Roland Näf says: “Because of the nuclear power plant being close to the lake, the danger of flooding exists. In the case of a loss in the backup safety systems, as happened in Japan, the whole city of Berne would have to be evacuated. Radiation fallout could make Berne uninhabitable for a longer time.”

full article (German) –

I heard on Swiss TV of roomers from a German newspaper  published claiming that the Nuclear Power plant at Mühleberg is leaking. – VT4Evolution


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