First Amendment and Food Freedom

UPDATE: S.216,(Link to PDF of the bill) Senator Leahy’s bill would put you in jail for up to ten years if the FDA later decides your speech about food was intentionally false and put people at risk. S.216 has passed the US Senate and has been sent over to the House. A similar bill was included in the original “Food Safety” Modernization Act of 2010 and was rejected for being “vague”.

Revised Health and Food Freedom of Speech Action Item here:   

In an article on TheHill.comLeahy states, “Current statutes do not provide sufficient criminal sanctions for those who violate our food safety laws with the intent to mislead or defraud. Doing so is already illegal, but it is merely a misdemeanor right now, and the Sentencing Commission has found that it generally does not result in jail time.”

Imagine the implications for a small farmer who has breached some part of the food safety act (and speaks out in public about it…. Jail Time!

basic text of the bill: OFFENSE.—Any person who violates subsection (a), (b), (c), or (k) of section 301 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to any food knowingly and intentionally to defraud or mislead; and with conscious or reckless disregard of a risk of death or serious bodily injury, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for not more than 10 years, or both.

another article –Urgent Action Alert: The Leahy Bill is BACK!

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