Canada Wants Food Security and Sovereignty!

Green Party calls for democracy in food policy

OTTAWA – If elected, the Green Party will establish a Canadian food policy that ensures our food production system serves the interests of consumers, not corporations, and that supports and promotes high-quality, safe, locally-grown food.

“Canada has never had a coherent and cohesive national food policy, yet we need one more than ever. We have a globalized food system that is diminishing quality and safety controls, and that is ever increasing the distance between food production and our dinner plates,” said Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party. “Canadian consumers want to know where their food came from, they want to buy local, they are increasingly demanding organic, non-GMO food products. A democratic food policy must answer to those wishes, not the wishes of global agri-business.”

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Activists Protest Urban Sprawl on Saanich Peninsula, British Colombia

Today, as the CRD board prepares for its April 13th meeting about urban sprawl on farm and forestland, activists hung banners over the Rogers Avenue and Royal Oak overpasses of Highway 17 to raise awareness about reckless development on the Saanich Peninsula.
The banners read “Farms Not Sprawl,” and “Farm Here How?” and directed viewers to a website with video interviews of local activists explaining how urban sprawl is impacting local food production:

“It’s becoming increasingly obvious that we need to be growing our food locally and sustainably, but developers are constantly paving over farmland for more subdivisions, malls, and luxury estates,” said the group’s spokesperson Nick Montgomery.


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