Vermont Sasquatch?

Frank a retired Forman and long time hunter noticed apples were being taken from his apple tree, so he mounted a motion sensor camera near by. The investigation shows different photos that were taken. The one of importance appears to be a sasquatch bending over to pick up apples.  Of particular interest is the possible juvenile creature clutching onto the larger one’s chest area. The image was sent to optics scientist for examination. Check it out!

The Investigation:


2 thoughts on “Vermont Sasquatch?

  1. An excellent example of pareidolia. Sometimes it’s Jesus’ face in a wood door or Mary in a salt stain on an underpass. Here it’s a fuzzy saquatch caught on camera…or maybe not. To me it’s a baby Woolly Mammoth or maybe just a mangy fox. As the Star Trek Next Generation computer sometimes says, “Not enough information”. I’m inclined to think the saquatch explanation is the least likely of the various possibilities. But scat from whatever this critter is, analyzed in a laboratory would provide the answer. Until then I think we’re stuck with the “not enough information” response.

    • I posted this more for entertainment purposes than as a “real Sasquatch sighting” story. 🙂 At present I am not a believer either. Non the less it is an interesting “investigation” if you click the link.

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