EU Nuclear Power Plants Under Question!

EU’s Nuclear Stress Test to start but details unclear

European Union ministers agreed on 21 March on the need for so-called nuclear reactor “stress tests,” but disagreed over the details of such tests, at an emergency meeting to discuss nuclear safety amid the Japanese crisis.

Energy ministers said checks on the region’s 143 atomic plants following Japan’s nuclear accident would probably get under way in the second half of this year on a voluntary basis…

Up to 13 of Germany’s 17 nuclear reactors could be temporarily suspended as experts carry out safety tests, after Merkel announced a three-month nuclear “moratorium” in response to the Japanese nuclear disaster.

“Europe should realize that it doesn’t take a major earthquake to cause a nuclear crisis … About half Europe’s reactors are of particular concern,” Greenpeace nuclear policy adviser Jan Haverkamp said in a statement.

Spanish Minister of Industry Miguel Sebastian said he was due to present EU ministers with a “concrete plan for Europe to respond to the (nuclear) crisis.” His proposals included a focus on developing energy efficiencies and renewable energies, revising carbon policies, a greater degree of interconnection between European energy networks and support for electric cars.

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Europe divided over nuclear energy

Italy: a new moratorium

The Italian government decided on Wednesday to suspend for one year its plans to phase nuclear power back in, and has given itself 24 months to come up with a  more precise definition of its nuclear power strategy…The government initially stated that the problems in Fukushima would make no difference to Rome’s strategy.

But as many regional governments in Italy have expressed their opposition to nuclear energy, and the latest polls show that 53 per cent of Italians intend to vote “no”, the rhetoric has changed.

Germany: looking for alternatives

in the immediate aftermath of the Fukushima accident, the government ordered the seven oldest stations in Germany to be shut down temporarily. All 17 are to be subjected to tough safety examinations before June 15…  Environment minister Norbert Röttgen has said that it would be possible to give up nuclear energy if renewable energies could account for 40 per cent of use.

Austria: constitutionally nuclear-free

Austria is the only EU neighbour of Switzerland which does not produce nuclear power. A referendum in 1978 decided by a narrow margin not to bring into operation its only nuclear power station, just completed at Zwentendorf.

Later that year a law was passed making it mandatory to hold a referendum before any nuclear power station could be built.

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2 thoughts on “EU Nuclear Power Plants Under Question!

  1. Right now, we are between a rock and a hard place— where the probable and possibly best choice for energy in the US is nuclear energy, despite the recent crisis in Japan. What can the United States learn from Japan’s disaster? How can we prevent such a tragedy here? It is a scary thought—I hope that we can come through to handle it… especially if we learn from Japan…
    Check out “Nuclear Energy: Lessons from Japan”:

    • Carrie,

      Yes, I agree we need to learn from past mistakes like Fukushima. I disagree entirely that nuclear is necessary, yet I understand and respect your point of view. From my own experience of being “between a rock and a hard place” the best thing to do is step to the side i.e. “Change”. This is not to say this small move doesn’t have hard consequences, it does. However, these “hard” consequences are short term, learning “to do without” (the abundance of energy we presently use) until we find another way. Change is never easy, we all know this from experience, but the longer you put off necessary change the deeper and more drastic will be the period of even harder change. Even if Nuclear was 100% guaranteed safe in the production phase, it leaves us with millenniums of dangerous waist. The more we produce and the further down this road we go the greater the burden we are putting on hundreds of generation to come. I feel that this is not acceptable. To choose this “cheap” and abundant solution (nuclear) is selfish. If we take into consideration all those who are to come, (who don’t have a voice yet) I think we can find the humility NOT to choose it and this will give birth to the ingenuity that is the REAL solution to our problems. I think the root of our problems is much deeper than a lack of available energy, it is more a lack of compassion and self-worth.

      When you see people living-simple off the land, they exude a deep compassion for the “other” because non-possesiveness is something they understand. Nothing is “owned”, it is all given. You came into this world with nothing and you will leave the same. This is the root of our sorrows and the key to unlock our true potentials. COMPASSION. I don’t expect to change your opinion I only wish to share my own.
      Peace to You – VT4Evolution

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