Raw Milk Passed the VT Senate

Raw Milk page of – RURAL VERMONT

Rural Vermont, is a Vermont farm advocacy group that has been working with a statewide network of farmers and customers to make it easier to buy and sell raw milk in Vermont since 2005. On February 10, 2011 they were order to stop teaching their raw milk processing classes or face possible legal action from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, which they did.

On April 12th The Miscellaneous Agriculture Bill S. 105 passed the Senate (in its present form) The bill creates a framework whereby raw milk dairy classes could be reinstated, it also changes the language of the law so that farmers may sell to individuals for “personal consumption” rather than only for “fluid consumption”. In the coming days the House Agriculture Committee will be taking testimony on this legislation.

Compost language has also been tied onto the end of the bill, attempting to limit the rights’ of municipal zoning regulators. This bill, although lengthy is comprehensive, clear and progressing in the right direction.

Read an article about the bill here.

Download our RAW MILK SELLERS’ GUIDE, a comprehensive list of ways to meet the requirements of the new law (.pdf, 2.5 Mb).

(excerpt from the bill)

S.105 Sec. 14. 6 V.S.A. § 2777  (see also Sec. 12)


Unpasteurized milk shall be sold directly from the producer to the consumer for personal consumption only and shall not be resold.

Unpasteurized milk shall be sold only from the farm on which it was produced except when delivery is arranged in conformance with section 2778 of this chapter. Unpasteurized milk shall not be sold or offered as free samples at any location other than on the farm on which the milk was produced.

Instructional classes or workshops for the use of unpasteurized milk as an ingredient in food may be held at the farm or sponsored off-site by a farm, person, or organization for current or prospective consumers, provided the following conditions are met:

(1) The classes or workshops shall be conducted at a location that shall

be cleaned prior to and following each class or workshop;

(2) A roster of attendees or participants with current contact information

as required by subdivision (d)(1)(C) of this section shall be maintained for one year by the sponsor; and

(3) A sign as required by subdivision (d)(4)(B) of this section shall be prominently displayed in the class or workshop area.

link to the bill – http://www.leg.state.vt.us/docs/2012/bills/Senate/S-105.pdf


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