Huge Wind-Powered Aquaponic Dome Greenhouse Planned for Vermont Park

by Sami Grover, Carrboro, NC, USA 04.13.11     FOOD & HEALTH (botanical)
From Backyard Greenhouses to Huge Aquaponics Project: Writing over at the Utopianist, Anna Loza brings us news of The Root Center’s Garden of the Future aquaponics project planned for The National Gardening Association’s Vermont Garden Park. Having completed a pilot phase of their project, in which the group established eight backyard sites located in seven different cities and grew 2600lbs of fruit and vegetables on a total of 1/10th of an acre, the Root Center is moving into phase II of its Garden of the Future plan:

The plan is to build a passive solar heated domed greenhouse, about 45 feet in diameter, which will house the team’s working spaces while sustaining a year-round fish pond and creating a thriving natural habitat. And this is where things get interesting. Water containing fish waste will be cycled up to planters stacked within the dome which will use the waste as food; the water comes back clean to the fish pond, where bacteria self-regulate pH. This self-sustaining system will produce fruit, vegetables, flowers and fish on a year-round basis — and it will be the continent’s first organic fish farm to boot. The only inputs into the entire system are fish food and seedlings — the aquaponic garden essentially transforms that fish food into fresh produce.

Wind and Solar-Powered Aquaponics
This isn’t just about efficient food production though. The greenhouse will be designed for winterized, passive-solar heating, and the systems will be powered by innovative vertical axis wind turbines constructed by engineer and board member David Allard. (Todd Ecological of ‘Living Machines’ fame are also deeply involved with this project.)

Head on over to the Utopianist for more pictures, images and video of the Root Center’s Garden of the Future project.

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2 thoughts on “Huge Wind-Powered Aquaponic Dome Greenhouse Planned for Vermont Park

  1. Organic gardening has become increasingly popular with the movement back to natural foods and unprocessed products. Many people wonder how to start and organic garden.

    It i\’s actually not difficult, expensive, or time consuming. The toughest part is getting started because once you have the base for your garden the rest is just easy maintenance. And you will love the quality of the food you grow and knowing it is healthy for you.

    • Tom,

      Yes, indeed gardening organically, as nature intended, isn’t that difficult and it actually provides lasting sustainable remedies to every issue of cultivating food, from mildew to pest control the Earths biology has the answers. To come back in tune with the ways of nature does more than just fill our bellies and improve our physical health, our heart connection increases and we become more aware of our relations and find that gratitude is actually the source of fulfillment and satisfaction. All of the science coming out right now is saying that organic yields are equal to that of conventional and in the long term more sustainable, as the soils actually improve instead of being depleted. Organic is the agricultural solution to stopping and even reversing the damage that conventional pesticide dependent agriculture has caused to our ecosystems.Thanks for you comment! Peace to you, VT4Evolution

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