Mexico Says, “BASTA!” “STOP!” The Drug War!

The Field: And This Is What History Looks Like in Mexico

by Al Giordano – April 7, 2011 at 11:38 am

Yesterday, multitudes took to the streets in more than 40 Mexican cities – and in protests by Mexicans and their friends at consulates and embassies in Europe, North America and South America – to demand an end to the violence wrought by the US-imposed “war on drugs.”

What? You haven’t heard about this? Or if you have heard something about it, did you know that it is the biggest news story in the Mexican media, on the front page of virtually every daily newspaper in the country?

A sea change has occurred in Mexican public opinion. The people have turned definitively against the use of the Mexican Army to combat against drug traffickers. The cry from every city square yesterday was for the Army to return to its barracks and go back to doing the job it was formed to do; protect Mexico from foreign invasion and provide human aid relief in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes. Since President Felipe Calderón unleashed the Armed Forces, four years ago, to combat drug trafficking organizations, the violence between it and the competing narco organizations has led to a daily body count, widespread human rights abuses against civilians, and more than 40,000 deaths…

it is not every day that 50,000 people – the largest march in the history of Cuernavaca, even of the entire state of Morelos – go to the gates of a military base and demand that the soldiers stay quarantined there. But that is exactly what happened. On a normal day, you can pass by that base and there are multiple gunmen in uniform stationed at watchposts, watching you and everybody else pass by. The military had the good sense to pull those troops back yesterday and there were few to be seen at all, according to our reporters.

full article –

Take action –  Tell Congress: No more money for failed drug policies. “Cut Funding for the Drug War” end the Byrne/JAG Grant Program –

Stop Plan Mexico – “The Merida Initiative” – The U.S. foreign Policy that Funds the Drug War –

Youtube video of the Mexico Protest


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