Vermont Vs. Entergy

William Sorrell, the Vermont State Attorney General has said that the State of Vermont is preparing for a legal battle with Entergy if they try to remain in operation past the 2012 expiration of their license. in 2006 VT lawmakers included a provision in the law that blocked the Public Service Board from granting a Certificate of Public Good without legislative approval. On February 24, 2010, a bipartisan vote of the Senate 26-4 declined the 20-year license extension for Vermont Yankee.

Entergy is thought to argue that the state can’t supersede the NRC’s decision to extend VY license claiming it is a matter of interstate commerce.

Gov. Peter Shumlin, who was partially elected because of his stance on closing the plant is sticking to his guns saying that the State’s laws will be enforced and Entergy will be held accountable.

Vermont Yankee’s thermal discharge and tritium tainted leaking into the Connecticut River  (which is 1 of the 14 rivers in the nation to be designated an American Heritage River) violates the Vermont Water Quality Standards mixing zone provision and the state’s anti-degradation policy as well as the Ground Water Protection Act of 2008.


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