ANR to review Vermont Yankee’s water discharge permit

VT Digger

by Olga Peters for The Commons

VERNON—According to the Connecticut River Watershed Council (CRWC), the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in Vernon is releasing hot water into the Connecticut River despite an expired state thermal discharge permit.

Rep. David Deen, D-Westminster, who works as river steward for the CRWC, said that the heated water changes the river’s overall temperature, damaging the aquatic habitat.

According to a CRWC press release, the Vermont Law School’s Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic (ENRLC) filed a petition on behalf of the CRWC in February…

“The ANR should move quickly to issue a new permit that brings Vermont Yankee into compliance with the Clean Water Act and ends the practice of using the Connecticut River as a waste receptacle,” said Pat Parenteau, senior counsel for the ENRLC…

According to Deen, the plant’s permit allowed operators to discharge 543 million gallons a day into the river, which Deen characterized as “thermal pollution.”

The permit, he said, also allowed the heated water to raise the river’s overall temperature by 5 degrees. The temperature of the water flowing out of the plant can reach as high as 105 degrees…

full article –

To Read the ANR 2006 “Amended Discharge Permit” for VY –


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