Are Nuclear Plants as safe as they would like us to believe?

Excerpt from: The Coming Crisis Blog – Monday, April 4, 2011

…We have had 17 reported nuclear incidents already this year and we are only 3 months in — should we be worried?
Here is a short report of the incidents that have taken place between January 2011 and March 29th 2011:

15th Jan 2011
Dounreay Nuclear Power – Scotland – Lighting Strike, Damaged Electrical Equipment

18th Jan 2011
Kola Nuclear Power Plant – Russia – Short Circuit in Reactor 4 – Closure of Reactor 4

24th Jan 2011
Palisades Nuclear Generation Station – USA – Problem Electrical Equipment – FULL Automatic Shutdown

25th Jan 2011
Susquehanna Nuclear Plant – USA – Steam Leak – Manually Shut Down of Reactor

3rd Feb 2011
Surry Nuclear Power Plant – USA – Coolant Problem, Loss of Coolant Flow – 1 of 2 Reactors Automatic Shut Down

12th Feb 2011
Loviisa Nuclear Power Plant – Finland – Steam Leak – Controlled Shut Down

20th Feb 2011
Korea Atomic Energy Research – South Korea – Warning of Radiation Leak – Shut Down (report that radiation leak was contained inside the building)

25th Feb 2011
Limerick Nuclear Power Plant – USA – Problem with Recirculation Pumps used for Cooling and creating Steam – Manual Shut Down of Reactor 2

27th Feb 2011
Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant – Iran – Unloading Fuel Rods – Shut Down
** U.N. Nuclear Watchdog commented that the reason Rods would be removed from a Nuclear Plant is a sign of a Major Problem.
*** Iranian Foreign Minister, Ali Akbar Salemi denied this to be the case “decision to halt Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, Tehran was a routine test because safety is it’s priority”

4th Mar 2011 – 2n Report for this Nuclear Power Plant in less than 2 weeks
Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant – USA – Steam Leak – Shut Down Reactor 1

11th Mar 2011
Onagawa Nuclear Plant – Japan – Cooling System Failure / Fire in Reactor / Excessive Levels of Radiation – Full Shut Down

11th Mar 2011
Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant – Japan – Cooling System Failure / Partial Meltdown / Explosions and Fires / Severe Radiation Leaks (see reports and articles on our main news site) – Complete Shut Down of ALL Reactors

16th Mar 2011
Pickering Nuclear Generating Station – Canada – Leaked 19000 Gallons of water into Lake Ontario – Report didn’t appear until a full 2 days after this incident took place.

23rd Mar 2011
Krsko Nuclear Power Plant – Slovenia – 380v Transmission Line was suddenly Disconnected – Automatic Shut Down
Update 26th Mar 2011: Plant Officials reported the Failure of Restarting Reactor due to Technical Problems, will try to restart 1st week in April 2011

29th Mar 2011
Seabrook Station Nuclear Power Plant – USA – Declared “Unusual Event” after transformer Overheated – Update: Later same day Fire Broke out in Same Building

2010 = 54 Nuclear Incident Reports
2009 = 75 Nuclear Incident Reports
2008 = 71 Nuclear Incident Reports
2007 = 74 Nuclear Incident Reports
2006 = 55 Nuclear Incident Reports

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