Bristol: Transition Towns Movement and Community Resilience: Free Public Talk.

The free talk will be held on Monday, April 4, from 6:30 to 8pm, at the newly remodeled ‘Community Room’ downstairs in Holley Hall, (South Street entrance).  After the presentation, if there is interest, a book study group will be formed to focus on the book, ‘The Transition Handbook:  From oil dependency to local resilience’, by Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement.

Better Planet Books in Bristol is pleased to sponsor a free talk on the ‘Transition Town’ movement by Ron Slaubaugh of Middlebury.  Ron helped start the Addison County Re-localization Network, (ACORN) in 2005.  Inspired by the challenges brought about by peak oil, climate change and the end of the infinite growth economy model, Ron noted that ACORN was created as Middlebury’s response to the Transition Movement.   Started in Ireland in 2006, Transition Town initiatives inspire communities to come together and create a vision of a future beyond oil dependence.  This includes defining steps leading towards a life that has minimal reliance on fossil fuels and  profits from the abundance of resources and capabilities within our individual communities.  Deeply embedded into every aspect of Transition are the principles and ethics of Permaculture, which is a systematic way of meeting human needs while increasing ecosystem health.   An inspiring aspect of the Transition Towns movement is the re-skilling initiative.  This involves retraining community members in fundamental life skills that our grandparents and great-grandparents took for granted – from growing vegetable gardens, to canning and preserving food, to basic clothing repair and home repair, to raising chickens and bees in the back yard.

For more information on the Transition Movement visit


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