I am writing this not only because of what is happening in japan and with the re-licensing of  Vermont Yankee but also because of the 400+ Nuclear “plants”  across the world that threaten our very existence. It seems the “powers that be” want to Renovate the old leaky nuclear plants as a transition to this coming Nuclear Renaissance. In the wake of what is happening in Japan this sounds farcical… I wish it was

First what is a Renaissance? Stay with me here…. Literally it means Re-Birth. What is this “Re-Birth” and can it be forced or invoked into being by will? Looking to History as our guide we can see that any true renaissance came about spontaneously, it was a sort of “Leap in evolutionary progress”. Lets take the renaissance in painting for example; what was it that happened? For one thing these “Renaissance Men” as they are know where not only artists they were scientist, mathematicians and inventors. It wasn’t only a change in their method of applying the paint to the canvas that brought about this artistic renaissance it was the way they were seeing and interpreting their subject. A renaissance is normally a drawn out process, for example the historical transformational period referred to as “The Renaissance” was from the 14th to the 17th century,

Pre-renaissance artists were still using “the rational mind” to see their subject. ex. The rational mind says, “my subject is an arm” the rational mind creates a preconceived idea of what an arm should look like and this effects the outcome. Next the rational mind can’t understand how a 3D object can be recreated to look identical on a two dimensional surface.

The Renaissance Men saw that if you disregard the subject and just focus on the lines and space of the subject something happens. Being scientists and mathematicians  they started many exhaustive experiments (this involves MISTAKES). They learned about foreshortening (objects appearing smaller the further away they are) and the “vanishing point”, “negative space” and so on.

Getting to the point I am illustrating. A True Renaissance is not a “Renovation” meaning building off of the “old formula” it is a complete RE-BIRTH this means everything previously believed to be “true” or the “standard” has to discarded altogether! Are we ready to do that with Nuclear Energy Production?

Are we really ready to risk all of humanity and the future of our beautiful planet Earth by trying a “new formula” (Renaissance) with this volatile form of producing energy?

Vt legislatures innocence of “powerlessness”

above is the article I posted on VT Commons on the 13th of this month, when I first found out Senate Bill 84 was introduced. The Bill states that the Vermont Legislature should NOT have the power to determine whether Vermont  Yankee gets their license extended for another 20 years, which would mean; the Nuclear Regulatory Commission would have this exclusive power, meaning Vermont Yankee already has a 20 year extension on their license (if the bill passes).

Now we have HOUSE bill H.331 that is set to do the same thing!!!  Strip us Vermonters of our Voice to say NO to Nuclear, effectively stripping us of our Sovereignty.

VT Constitution: “all government ought to be instituted and supported, for the security and protection of the community, as such, and to enable the individuals who compose it, to enjoy their natural rights.” Our security and protection is a product of our State’s sovereignty.

The Sovereign States enjoy guaranteed rights by virtue of their reserved powers pursuant to the Tenth Amendment – “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States, respectively, or to the people.”


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