Sat 3/26 (March 25-27) Online Secession Talk

by Carol Moore – VT Commons

I’ll be speaking on “Libertarian Decentralism and Secession Strategies” this Saturday 10AM EST at an online libertarian conference with 70 plus of speakers, many with green, sustainability, or self-sufficiency viewpoints. Go here for my channel and here for speakers list.

Talks Vermonters might find of special interest include:

*David Derby, Urban Farmer, Creating a Free Food System in the Mainstream
*George Donnelly, Blogger at Arm your Mind for Liberty, Open Source Peaceful Evolution for Fun and Profit
*Thad Getterman, Broken Sidewalk Farm, Open Source Food System
*Carla Gericke, President of New Hampshire’s Free State Project
*Iloilo Jones, Cooperative Community Schooling
*Karen Kwiatkowski, Govt whistleblower, Can We Be Free in an Unfree World?
*Carlos Miller, Multimedia Journalist, Photography is Not a Crime
*Mookie Moss, Siskiyou Goat Dairy, Operating outside of State Jurisdiction: An Agricultural Perspective
*Mary Ruwart, Libertarian National Committee, Rolling Back Government Without Winning Elections
*Brad Spangler, Director, Center for a Stateless Society, Developing Alternative Legal Systems
*Jeffrey P. Zacher, CEO of Zacher Network Solutions, Creating Alternative Networks (A Brief Internet Kill Switch Survival Guide)


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