Peace and Justice: community meeting March 23

From the Peace & Justice Center

As you have heard from us through the phonathon and our newsletter, the Peace & Justice Center is in a place of transition and transformation!

In these times, many organizations are finding it difficult to have the capacity to work towards their missions. The board is determined to keep the Center working towards a just and peaceful world, and we believe the best way to do that is to join efforts with like-minded organizations. Right now, the board is seeking input from our membership and our allies, and we are looking to the activist community for opportunities to collaborate.

On Wednesday, March 23 we are hosting a community meeting at Contois Auditorium (Burlington) from 6-8 pm to present these proposals. We are inviting membership, allies and supporters of the Peace and Justice Center. At the meeting, we will seek feedback from the community to inform the board’s decision about how to move forward. Please consider attending!

We hope to stream the meeting for those that live too far from Burlington to attend. You can go here to watch the stream: If you would like to be involved in creating proposals, please contact Hilary at

Thank you for your support and work for Peace and Justice.
The board and staff of the PJC


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