The “N” Question

THE DAY before the Japan Earthquake, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) approved extending Vermont Yankee’s license for an additional 20 years. The events unfolding in Japan are bringing a new depth to the Nuclear Power debate both in VT and elsewhere. – VT4Evolution

From: Bernie Buzz e-news

As Japan’s nuclear crisis worsened, questions about nuclear safety in the United States were raised at a Senate briefing. Reactors with nearly identical designs as the crippled Fukushima plant now operate at 23 U.S. plants, including Vermont Yankee. “People think that a terrible event is unthinkable until the day after that event occurs,” Bernie said at the Senate briefing on the Japan crisis. In light of the crisis in Japan, he asked the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to re-examine whether the 40-year-old reactor in Vernon, Vt., should continue operating.
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From: Bizjournal

Report: U.S. nuke plant problems ignored, including in Vt.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based Union of Concerned Scientists said in a report released this week that federal regulators “overlooked or dismissed” serious safety problems in 2010 at U.S. nuclear plants, including at the Vermont Yankee plant near the Massachusetts border.

The report also says there there were 14 (more than one per month) “near-misses” at U.S. nuclear plants during 2010 — inspections launched by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in response to “troubling events, safety equipment problems and security shortcomings at nuclear power plants.”

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