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From the Vermont Natural Resources Council “e-news”:

First, a recent decision of the Vermont Environmental Court regarding Omya’s calcium carbonate processing facility in Florence will likely have implications for the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. In short, as VNRC has asserted and as we read the law:  VY is violating the public trust provisions of a groundwater protection law passed in 2008. This decision could have serious implications for the future of the nuclear plant. Read more about this decision here.

Under the Golden Dome
At the State House, lawmakers face the midway point of the session, which means that House bills will soon need to ‘crossover’ into the Senate and vice versa. In short, it means things are happening. Here’s a quick update…

The Big Energy Bill — H.56
Last Friday, the House Committee on Natural Resources and Energy passed their version of H.56 — the Energy Act of 2011 includes several provisions to expand clean energy opportunities in Vermont. Click here to read more about the bill

Protecting Water Quality — H.26
There is a bill, H.26, that would help keep unnecessary fertilizer-related phosphorous from washing into our waterways, including Lake Champlain, by restricting their use. With VNRC’s support, the bill has passed the House and awaits action in the Senate.

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