Lawmakers take aim at removing decision power with Yankee

By CHRIS GAROFOLO / Reformer Staff –  Saturday March 12, 2011                       Brattleboro Reformer

BRATTLEBORO — Supporters of two collaborating bills in the House and Senate hope to remove their own power regarding Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in an effort to receive a clear response from the Public Service Board.

Lawmakers supportive of Yankee’s relicensing have introduced Senate Bill No. 84 and House Bill No. 331 this week to remove the legislative approval requirements for the continued operations of Vermont’s only nuclear plant beyond the date of its current certificate of public good……

Gov. Peter Shumlin, a first-term Democrat and President Pro Tem of the Senate during last year’s vote, said Vermont has a law signed into affect by former Gov. James Douglas stating the Public Service Board cannot issue a certificate of public good unless the citizen Legislature agrees that the continued operations of the plant is in the best interest of Vermont. With the Legislature already nixing the continued operations, it effectively bars the PSB from acting at all on the permit.

Yankee, the 39-year-old nuclear plant located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Vernon, is scheduled to shut down March 21, 2012…..

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Comment from Higala – One of the supposedly “safest” nuclear plants, in Japan, is facing the possibility of meltdown. A “meltdown” is an informal way of referring to a very serious collapse of a power plant’s systems and its ability to manage temperatures – with horrendous results occurring & affecting hundreds of thousands of people and not just inside the radius around the plant.

Please tell me again why corporate profits and job security of so few is more important the the safety and welfare of our children and future generations.

Close Vermont Yankee as their contract dictates and our legislature voted for. Do it for our future and that of our descendants!

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