2 Articles on VT Union Workers

* Story + video + photo gallery: Vermont unions rally in solidarity with Wisconsin workers

By Anne Galloway on February 23, 2011

Hundreds gather in Montpelier in solidarity for Wisconsin workers. Photo by Josh Larkin. 

Teachers, nurses, firefighters, state employees and electrical workers converged on the Statehouse lawn on Tuesday to send a message to the powers that be in Montpelier and leaders around the country: “Vermont is not Wisconsin.”

More than 300 union workers waved signs and listened to speeches in frigid temperatures on Tuesday in solidarity with unionized employees in Wisconsin whose right to bargain collectively for pay, benefits and working conditions was threatened by Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Nineteen Wisconsin state senators walked out of the Statehouse in Madison in protest….

full article and video – http://vtdigger.org/2011/02/23/vermont-unions-rally-in-solidarity-with-wisconsin-workers/

* Progressives Denounce Walker-Style Bill

by Vermont Progressive Party on Wed, 2011-02-23 15:15

Kurt Wright Brings Wisconsin Governor’s Attack on Labor to the Green Mountain State

Burlington, VT—Burlington Progressive Party Chair Abby Russell today denounced a bill that would severely hurt workers’ rights in Vermont. WCAX reported state representative and city councilor Kurt Wright (R-Burlington) introduced a bill that would take away teachers’ right to strike in the event that contract negotiations fail. The once—and potentially future—mayoral candidate’s bill comes during a time when far-right Republican governors in Wisconsin, Ohio and New Jersey are fighting to strip collective bargaining rights for state employees.

“Unions are the foundation of our middle class. Union struggles for decent wages, benefits, and working conditions have improved the lives of all working Americans. From fighting for a livable wage for para-educators to negotiating fair and reasonable contracts with city workers, Burlington Progressives have a strong record of standing up for public workers’ rights,” said Burlington Progressive Party Chair Abby Russell. “Burlington residents should be appalled by Kurt Wright’s impersonation of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Burlington needs representatives who work for them, not ones who push far-right anti-worker legislation.”

full article – http://www.progressiveparty.org/


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