VT Commons – Journal

there are many great articles in Vermont Commons Journal Check’em out!

Jonathan Leavitt: Burlington Kisses Lockheed? Just Say No. (FEATURE)

“These are conservative tactics for a radical strategy, and in that spirit we signed the Letter of Cooperation and we would sign others.” Burlington, Vermont, Mayor Bob Kiss.

Robert Wagner: Vermont Food Sovereignty, And A Resolution To Protect It (FEATURE)

Why should Vermonters care about food sovereignty?  Don’t we do what we wanna – trade seeds, plant gardens, drink raw milk, butcher our farm animals and wild-caught game?  We all have to eat – but that’s where the federal government is now stepping in.  What Vermonters do is not good enough; it’s not part of a system.

VERMONT VOX POPULI: Human Rights for Human Beings, Not Corporations – An Interview with Move To Amend’s David Cobb

In January, David Cobb of MoveToAmend.org toured Vermont to educate community leaders and Vermont legislators about why corporations should not have the same inalienable rights as humans. MovetoAmend.org’s mission is to push for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to make it clear that corporations are not humans and should not have human rights.

And Much More… http://www.vtcommons.org/journal


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