The RAW Milk Crime

Greetings from the Rural Vermont office!

Thank you to all of you who have contacted us this week in support of our Raw Dairy Processing Workshops.

We have heard from many of you regarding the “warning” we received from the Agency of Agriculture on February 10, 2011, leading to the postponement of our  classes. We have received over 200 emails from concerned community members and dozens of inquiries from the media. We are working hard to protect the right’s of farmers and farm consumers around this issue. Raw milk access has been at the forefront of our work in the Statehouse where we lobby for small farmer on a daily basis.  This morning we attended a hearing in the Senate Committee on Agriculture, where the Agency of Agriculture reiterated its position that when farmers and Rural Vermont teach their neighbors about raw dairy processing we are breaking the law.

Here is how you can help:
Call Dan Scruton, in the Diary Section of the Agency of Agriculture, at (802) 828-2433 and leave a message including the following talking points:

1)You support farmer and consumer rights and you support Rural Vermont on this issue.

2) You want an Agency of Agriculture that promotes relationships between farmers and consumers and encourages a vibrant local economy.

Thank you for being a critical part of our work to support family farmers.  We will keep you informed as we make your voices heard in Montpelier.

-Jared Carter

Here is a link with information about raw milk for those interested



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