3 States Challenge Federal Policy on Storing Nuclear Waste

By MATTHEW L. WALD Published: February 15, 2011 (NYT)

WASHINGTON — The attorneys general of New York, Connecticut and Vermont sued the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Tuesday, challenging a new commission policy stating that nuclear waste can be safely stored at a nuclear power plant for 60 years after a reactor goes out of service…. With no place to send the fuel, nuclear operators have instead built “dry casks,” small steel and concrete silos, filed with inert gas, into which old fuel can be sealed. Most nuclear plants in the United States either store fuel in casks now or have plans to do so.

(full article)

The Nuclear Industry is becoming more and more “sustainable” ie: having the ability to store radioactive waist locally! No more carbon footprint from sending our waist all the way to Texas, soon nuclear power plants will be able to sell carbon credits.  – VT4Evolution


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