The Key To Freedom

What is this key that is laying at our feet that ensures we can free ourselves from the structural failure of this “peak” time in our global society? This key is not of necessity Succession in its political sense, but it is a pulling out of our “chips” from the Industrialized Global Market table of roulette, which is all about excess production of a single product, in VT’s case its MILK. This strategy of the industrial revolution is One of the Biggest mistakes in American history. This Key is the transition of our Dairy Farms and other industrialized land to diversify and Localize their goods. The scale and manner of operation of our dairy industry has become a land-use issue, it is devastating our local ecology by stripping nutrients from the soil, polluting the water and air and it’s very existence is reliant on illegal Mexican labor and government subsidies. In it’s present scale it produces in excess causing prices to dip to lower and lower levels. One of our milk industries mistakes in its operation is the GMO Corn landscapes that extend to our rivers borders where cow manure is sprayed to “restock” the soils  nutrient, this is a major issue that needs to be addressed if we want to start the process of reclaiming our waters purity and restore our ecosystems health . Many think this can not be done and farmers wouldn’t go for a change so grand. It may come to the point where the flames of the burning barn are caressing our body (economic instability of grand proportions), we will at this point choose to pick up that key (diversified production for local consumption) and unlock the handcuffs and walk out of the burning barn.

My point is we can start to prepare ahead of time, stocking seeds is one of the major efforts everyone (even those who don’t have a garden) can do to ensure our future. Farmers who are interested can start to study Permaculture. Permaculture is a whole-systems ecological design that focuses on restoring ecosystem health, maximizing goods produced and minimizing energy losses. If any dairy farmers know permaculture they can help to  start the process of creating a transition guide for farmers that will slowly increase the diversity of their product with a minimum of extra labor and knowledge needed, using what is available to most farms. This infrastructure the Industrial Revolution gave us is a piece of the transition puzzle that is a great boon for VT. Lets pick up this key sooner than later, join hands in All efforts, reaching within for solutions and extending them out to each other!


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