The Key to Freedom Laying at Our Feet

The world is changing and changing fast! “The barn” of society is burning, we are handcuffed inside with the keys laying at our feet. What will we do? We in “the West” have been worked, taxed and sublimated into passivity. As the tides are rising against the Global Colonialist Gang we must awaken to the urgency of The Time! If we really want CHANGE our fear of Authority must not stand in our way. We Americans have yet another war syndrome it is the “Imperialist Denial Syndrome”.  The mass starvation in the world, the radioactive poisoning of populations, the mass  populations of amputees, The dispaire of agrarian families who now rely on GMO seed and Gov. subsidies, The collapsed small local  industries, the slave labor of the Global-Capitalist “free market” and on and on, this is the foundation of  “our freedom” and ” high standard of living”. If we do NOT demand change, as all those who have been affected to the point of having no other choice, then our passivity will transform our “free-world” into the experience of the despair we have imposed on the rest of the world. The True Freedom that exist in our Hearts exist in equality with all other living beings on the planet. If we stand-up on this Heart foundation to demand an end to the endless bullying by corporations and government there is no stopping us. We are the Will and the Manifest Action on this planet but as long as we remain “in the barn looking down at the key on the floor” PASSIVE then we are just continuing the trend of being compliant through submission. I am not advocating everyone needs to rally in the streets and protest. We need to get informed and get involved where ever our individual paths leads us. It is time we put away our “soda-pop-culture” and realized the severity of our NON-action and silence in this tipping-point in our history. Now we have the choice will we be bullied into keeping this same system to pass it on to our children’s children OR will we pick-up the key walk out of the burning barn and watch from the green pasture as the old greed based structure collapses “demanding a New Way”? If you don’t know where to start read some of our older posts and follow some links, get nosey, it is your buisness, this is your World. The War is over!!!… If you want it…. PEACE

– VT4Evolution


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