War Contractor Takes Over Vermont Economy

– Here is another article on the lockheed scandal takeover in VT.

By Robert Wagner (full article)

Some favours come at too high a price.

You have a right to know the price of Lockheed bailing out the Montpelier government budget. A few more years of a balanced budget, with recovery always ‘just around the corner’.

The price:

  • Participation in the ongoing genocide
  • Vermont responsible for sharp increase in Global Warming
  • Lockheed’s money comes from borrowed cash that WE have to pay back through higher taxes and lower living standards.  Nothing’s for free!
  • Vermont becomes a ‘Company Town’ for the Lockheed corporation
  • Even our schools have to open to Lockheed
  • An end to Vermont as an eco-village, ‘small is beautiful’
  • A polluted Vermont in the service of perpetual war

You don’t like the price? Tell your State House Rep and Senators… they DO come home occasionally!

To understand Vermont politics, understand the back-room deals. The deal of the previous decade was giving away Vermont’s dams to the TransCanada corporation, which in turn provides power for Massachusetts instead of Vermont. This action placed Entergy in a majority bargaining position.


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