Transforming The Transition

With our attention and emotions spread over the myriad issues and events plaguing the globe, abounding in fear and insecurity, another force is working deep within us. It is the unified force of LOVE.

This awakening taking place in our hearts is transforming the world in unseen and unfathomable ways. As hope is lost and fear seems to reach its peaks we find our tensions subsiding and a deep sense of surrender to that which IS welling up in our being. This “old way” which is a centralized top-down industrialized global-market run reality, can no longer provide for our needs. As a people the degree of separation is becoming our degree of commonality. The generation gap is becoming a generation bridge. We are switching from a “glass half empty mentality” to a “glass half full” realization. It might not be brazenly obvious at this point externally, but soon we will all see this is what is really happening.

Looking at the global “picture” we see the tides have been rising over the past years, rebellions calling for an end to dictatorial rule to be replaced with a  Democratic system by and for the people. In turn the tides rise further still, these dictatorial governments are replaced by a “new democratic” governance, that signs-on to the global agenda of the scammed centralized control of currency and resources. Don’t get upset about this, it is part of the process.

This is all a reflection of our own inner cleansing that is going on. It is our hanging on to the ideal that we can keep living the life of taking with-out giving back more than we have taken. Our stubbornness has reached its apex and we are ready to0 let go of this “old way” so we may enter into the natural cyclical way of life, recognizing all as inter-connected and inter-reliant “The Heart Centered Way”. This natural awakening and returning to our balanced state-of-being will be the most challenging transition imaginable. Our mental preparation is the foundation we must re-enforce with a newly founded Trust of our own “Hearts Knowing”. The mind is feeble  and very impressed by the abundance of propaganda and programming, the heart is pure and free we must learn to open this center and trust its “knowing thought” AND LIVE BY ITS IMPULSES.

As the Earth’s magnetic poles shift we are also shifting our inner alignment. In any change as drastic as what we humans are calling for, both inner and outer, our sentiment must be one of complete TRUST no matter the outward appearance of seemingly impossible obstacles. Through this TRUST we will transcend our adversaries, which are actually our own attachments to this “old way”. We must do this through releasing its grasp on our mind and life, become detached from all it promises…. Opening to a New Way, a way that our hearts have been building since the first time one human took advantage of another. A way of mutual understanding tolerance non-violence and cooperation. This is what we will pass on to the inheritors of This Great Planet.

As skeptical as your mind may be to these ideas your heart is resonating in agreement. Take five minutes in the morning to sit and just focus your attention on your breath and your heart area, let your mind do what it wants but don’t let it distract your attention, and when it does, start again with out any worries of  “getting it right”. Tuning into your heart in the morning will give you a renewed awareness in the movements of your day. Give it a try.

-May your inner Peace grow to embody your every waking moment.

2 thoughts on “Transforming The Transition

  1. Thank you for these words. I’m glad Vermont gets it!

    I’m in California and I’ve started the non-violent revolt against the rich. This is a revolt for True Equality, Real Freedom and Sustainable Abundant Civilization.

    I’m blogging about this journey that I’m on and I’m definitely looking for like-minded individuals like yourself that would be interested bouncing ideas around with.


    • Yes! Nice Blog! Keep it coming, and blessings on your journey to awaken the vision of community. At the moment I am not too active on the net but come spring/summer I plan to be more present. Peace to you – VT4Evolution

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