Leading energy stakeholders express concerns about State’s future without Vermont Yankee

From VT Digger (full article)

leading organizations representing industry, labor, and energy stakeholders today expressed concern about (the closing of Vermont Yankee)

in an open Letter to Governor Shumlin – February 3, 2011

Dear Governor Shumlin:

We are writing out of serious concern about the impact Vermont Yankee’s shut down in 2012 would have on our electric rates and the resulting cost increases for Vermont employers and risks for the welfare of working Vermonters and their families.

If Vermont cannot secure sufficiently reliable alternative sources of power at a lower price than a new power purchase agreement with Vermont Yankee, the responsible action now is for the Legislature and your Administration to allow the Public Service Board to make a decision in its docket on whether Yankee’s continued operation is in the best interest of Vermont…. (go to link above for the full letter)

In response to the article, Bob Stannard spoke my sentiments exactly:

“Apparently, according to the above letter, we can expect Entergy to come back with a new offer made in desperation… Will their new attractive offer guarantee that the plant will never leak radiation into our groundwater again? Will it guarantee that the plant will never collapse again? Will it guarantee that the plant will never catch fire again or that their control room operater will never test positive for Marijuana again? Will it make one of America’s most outdated plants younger again? Will it result in Entergy no longer decieving us, holding back negative news until Friday afternoon, or lessen the odds that more failures will occur?”

We all know that it won’t. CLOSE This leaking Death trap ON TIME!



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